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MSA provides job postings as a courtesy to our members that are seeking employment and to employers that may be interested in hiring MSA members. Although we take basic precautions in an attempt to ensure that all postings are submitted by legitimate agents of legitimate companies and institutions, placement on this website does not guarantee the veracity of a particular post.  We encourage job-seekers to exercise appropriate caution when considering whether to provide personal information to any party, and to inform the MSA webmaster of any potentially fraudulent job offers that appear on this page.

To announce an open position, please send information to Todd Osmundson, MSA webmaster (tosmundson{at}uwlax.edu).

For more up-to-date news and announcements, please see the MSA Twitter feed and Facebook page.
By SuperUser Account on 11/29/2015 6:32 AM
WAY05240 Research Biotechnologist (2 Year Assignment) Position Purpose: Cargill's Biotechnology Research and Development Group (Bio R&D) develops new products and improves processes for the food, feed, and industrial segments of Cargill. The Bio R&D group is a global R&D team that enables Cargill to fully benefit from advances in enzyme and microbial biotechnology.   Cargill’s Bio R&D organization is hiring a Research Biotechnologist with experience in fungal genetics and molecular biology for a position that will generate improved strains of filamentous fungi used in the production of biochemicals. The position involves the ability to  independently design, synthesize and assemble genetic constructs and accurately integrate these into fungal strains as well as design and execute mutagenesis and selection approaches. The position will also carry out evaluations of fungal strains by DNA sequence and structure analysis, RNA expression analysis, and enzyme assays, develop and optimize methods for strain...
By SuperUser Account on 11/23/2015 9:17 AM
PhD opportunity to study fungal foliar endophytes of Vanuatu at the University of Hawaii The Amend lab at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is recruiting a PhD student to research plant fungal interactions as part of a NSF-funded collaboration. The student will collaborate with a broad consortium of researchers to examine the fungal, botanical and linguistic diversity of Tafea province, Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. This will be the first systematic survey of this oceanic, tropical, biodiversity hotspot. The student will be responsible principally for documenting the endophytic fungi of native host plants using cultivation and high-throughput DNA-sequencing techniques. This will involve long stretches in the field under uncomfortable, remote and staggeringly beautiful conditions. The student will have the opportunity to develop research questions consistent with lab interests in microbial community ecology, biogeography and evolution. The student will enroll in the Department of Botany http://www.botany.hawaii.edu,...
By SuperUser Account on 11/16/2015 5:57 PM
Seeking multiple graduate students in fungi-plant interactions at the University of Alberta The research programs of Nadir Erbilgin, Justine Karst, James Cahill (University of Alberta), Suzanne Simard (University of British Columbia), and Jonathan Cale are seeking motivated and collaborative students (3 PhD, 1 MSc) to work on a project investigating questions focused on the roles of soil fungal communities in modulating boreal forest resistance and resilience to biotic and abiotic disturbances. This project seeks to expand our recent findings demonstrating the effects of mountain pine beetle outbreaks on below- and above-ground processes, including decline of mycorrhizal fungi and pine resistance following forest mortality in western Canada (New Phytol (2015) 208: 904-914; Plant & Soil (2015). 390: 29-47; PLOS One (2015) 10 (4): e0124691). All students will be co-supervised by at least two investigators and the others will be in the students’ theses committees. While student projects will use a subset of these,...
By SuperUser Account on 11/9/2015 9:54 AM
Position: Purdue University invites applications and nominations for the position of Head and Professor, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology in the College of Agriculture. Responsibilities: The Head is expected to provide vision, leadership, and administration in support of the land-grant missions of teaching, research, and extension, and promote the Department in university, regional, national, and international arenas. The Head will provide leadership and supervision to the Department to cultivate an environment supportive of faculty and staff aspirations and activities. The candidate should be committed to promoting interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities, and enhancing the diversity of the faculty, students, and staff consistent with university efforts. Qualifications: The successful candidate must have an earned doctoral degree and an outstanding record of scholarly achievement in a discipline relevant to the department with an established record of effectiveness in teaching, research,...