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Job opening: Scientist, Microbiology (including mycology). LifeMine Therapeutics, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Aug 11

Written by: SuperUser Account
8/11/2017 1:12 PM 

Scientist, Microbiology  

Company Description

LifeMine Therapeutics, Inc. is the first biotechnology company exploiting the unique ability of fungi to produce powerful drugs optimized through billions of years of evolution, and deploying these molecules for the treatment of intractable human diseases via novel biological mechanisms.  The company is using a genome mining and recombinant overexpression approach to mount a massive search for novel drugs through the fungal biosphere.  With operations in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Manhattan, New York, LifeMine brings a unique approach to its revolutionary scientific and medical mission.  

Job Summary

We are seeking a PhD scientist for our Cambridge site with deep expertise in the handling and fermentation of fungi to induce the production of secondary metabolites from diverse fungal species to establish the core of LifeMine’s fungal genomically enabled drug discovery platform. 

Job Responsibilities

•        Setting up and establishing fungal fermentation capability at LifeMine.

•        Acquire, track, and maintain the LifeMine fungal strain databank.

•        Ferment diverse fungal strains (heterologous and native) to induce expression of secondary metabolites.

•        Actively collaborate with LifeMine’s Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Natural Product Chemistry, and Mass Spectroscopy groups to interpret data and design new experiments. 

•        Proactively evaluate new technologies, be versed with current literature, and implement new features and functionality into the genomically-enabled drug discovery pipeline.

 Job Requirements

•        Ph.D.  in microbiology, chemistry, or related field.

•        Expert knowledge in the handling and fermentation of diverse fungal species.

•        Expert knowledge of fungal secondary metabolite regulation, biosynthesis and metabolism and in the use of state of the art techniques to induce secondary metabolism production.

•        Experience in the use of common bioinformatics tools to analyze fungal secondary metabolism clusters.

•        Experience in using synthetic biology to modify fungal secondary metabolism gene clusters a plus.

•        Experience in analytical chemistry tools to produce fungal extracts and identify novel compounds of interest a plus.  

•        A desire to be a significant presence and leader in a laboratory setting, being involved in the design and downstream prosecution of efforts resulting from your data.

•        Excellent written and oral communication skills are required.

•        A sense of adventure and excitement to build a new company and work in a highly dynamic team environment.


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