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Job opening: Vice President, Microbiology. LifeMine Therapeutics, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Aug 11

Written by: SuperUser Account
8/11/2017 1:16 PM 

Vice President, Microbiology

Company Description
LifeMine Therapeutics, Inc. is the first biotechnology company exploiting the unique ability of fungi to produce powerful drugs optimized through billions of years of evolution, and deploying these molecules for the treatment of intractable human diseases via novel biological mechanisms. The company is using a genome mining and recombinant overexpression approach to mount a massive search for novel drugs through the fungal biosphere. With operations in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Manhattan, New York, LifeMine brings a unique approach to its revolutionary scientific and medical mission.

Job Summary

We are seeking a Vice President of Microbiology for our Cambridge site with deep expertise in fungal microbiology to establish the core of LifeMine’s fungal genomically enabled drug discovery platform.

Job Responsibilities

• Build and lead an industry-leading team of microbial scientists unified by the overarching mission of exploiting fungi to produce breakthrough drugs that save lives.
• Implement state-of-the-art microbiological techniques and technologies, and lead the invention and rapid deployment of novel technologies to generate fungal strains producing high yields of naturally encoded and biosynthetically engineered natural products.
• Engender in the Microbiology group a culture of teamwork, high scientific standards, urgency, creativity, responsibility, initiative, and commitment to patients suffering from serious disorders.
• Establish capabilities to genetically engineer fungal strains using genome editing and homologous recombination team of Design, executes and manages the fungal fermentation capability at LifeMine.
• Establish a resource to acquire, track, characterize, access, and maintain the LifeMine Fungal Strain Bank.
• Prioritize the efforts of the Microbiology Group so as to align them maximally with both the broad and specific R & D objectives of the Company.
• Actively collaborate with LifeMine’s Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Natural Product Chemistry, Mass Spectroscopy, and Medicinal Chemistry functions to design and implement mission-critical experiments.

• Proactively evaluate new technologies, be fully versed with the current research literature, and implement new features and functionality into the company’s genomically-enabled drug discovery pipeline.
• Develop standard procedures and practices for efficient and productive implementation of microbiological techniques and technologies.
• Analyze and act upon complex data sets requiring sophisticated decision-making.
• Establishes processes for detailed, accurate, auditable record keeping.
• Create a high-performance, rewarding and safe working environment for the Microbiology Group and the company.

Job Requirements

• Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. in microbiology or related fields
• 15+ years of post-academic industry experience in microbiology, with extensive and direct experience working with fungi
• A proven track record of exceptional contributions to drug discovery, as evidenced by direct participation in drug approvals, NDA and IND filings, patents, and publications
• Expert knowledge in the handling and fermentation of diverse fungal species
• Expert knowledge of fungal molecular genetics, secondary metabolite production and the regulation thereof, biosynthesis and metabolism, and in the implementation of state-of-the-art techniques to induce and maximize production of secondary metabolites, including in heterologous organisms
• Strong project management skills with the ability to deliver results on schedule in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment.
• Demonstrated experience building, managing, and fostering the development of an exceptionally productive and innovative team of microbiologists
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Ability to foresee, define, identify, and resolve problems in a timely manner
• A record of publishing leading scientific papers in both specialized and general- audience journals is a plus
• A personality of risk-taking, positivity, leadership, adaptability, adventurousness, and excitement to build a pioneering company and work in a dynamic, goal- and performance-oriented and dynamic team environment


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