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Assistant Farm Manager and Mycologist

Oct 2

Written by: SuperUser Account
10/2/2014 6:36 AM 

Assistant Farm Manager and Mycologist Start Date: November 2014 About Sparta Imperial Mushrooms: Sparta Imperial Mushrooms is a certified organic farm that began production in late 2012 and currently produces 300 to 400 pounds of mushrooms each week. Mushrooms currently under production include shiitake, lion’s mane, and oyster. We sell at farmers markets in Atlanta, and have distribution to restaurants and grocery stores in Atlanta. Responsibilities: - Loading sawdust into the soil mixer with a tractor - Mixing and bagging of substrates - Inoculation of sterilized substrates - Making spawn and maintaining cultures - Moving substrates to the grow house for fruiting - Clearing of substrates from grow house and cleaning of grow house - Harvesting and packing of mushrooms - Selling at farmers markets and making deliveries - Input of production records online - Leading tours of the mushroom farm - Communicate with chefs and buyers to take orders Opportunities: - Design and develop low input seasonal outdoor production systems - Develop new cultivars based on research and market opportunities - Preferred Qualifications: - Interest in mycology and sustainable agriculture - Lab experience - Valid drivers licence - Positive attitude and ability to interact with customers To Apply: Send cover letter, resume, references and dates of availability to scurrey@spartamushrooms.com


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