Invitation to MSA Membership

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Mycologists, students of the Fungi, mycologues, mycophiles, fungal biologists, and all persons with a personal or professional interest in fungi are cordially invited to apply for membership in the Mycological Society of America, the international professional organization that is home to mycologists based in the United States and Canada. The MSA has members from more than 40 countries, who come from academic, industrial, medical, governmental, and amateur backgrounds.

Membership in the MSA provides an opportunity to stay current with new research on fungi via the Society’s journal, Mycologia, a leader in the field, and also to learn about meetings, publications, regulatory developments, controversies, and other current activities in mycology around the world via the MSA’s newsletter Inoculum. Both publications are available to members online and as hard-copies. The MSA sponsors many other activities and programs, including our annual meeting, where researchers gather to exchange the latest information on all aspects of the fungi.

The Society’s constitution states that “The purpose of the Society is to promote and advance the science of mycology and to foster and encourage research and education in mycology in all its aspects… Membership in the Society shall be open to persons or organizations who share the stated purposes of the Society.” We welcome applications for membership from all interested persons who share our goals.

For 2014, the MSA offers ten categories of membership. Most categories include online access to Mycologia; members who wish to receive print copies may purchase an additional print subscription (print delivery options changed in 2013).

Regular Individual Member Online Worldwide: $90 annually ($80 if renewed by Dec. 31 2013)

Postdoctoral Member Online Worldwide: $70 annually ($60 if renewed by Dec. 31 2013)

Student Member Online Worldwide: $50 annually ($40 if renewed by Dec. 31, 2013)

Associate Member: $50 annually ($40 if renewed by Dec. 31, 2013) (Does not include online access to Mycologia)

Emeritus Member Online Worldwide: $50 annually (Note: Approved Emeritus Members pay no dues, this is a new option for Emeritus Members who choose online access to Mycologia)

Family Member Online Worldwide: $90 plus $20 annually for each additional member ($80 plus $20 for each additional member if renewed by Dec. 31 2013)

Sustaining Member: $278 or more annually.

Life Member: $1500, single payment

Affiliated Society: $90 annually ($80 if renewed by Dec 31 2013)

Honorary Members pay no dues.

Optional Additional Purchase of a Print Subscription to Mycologia:
 Shipped to a Domestic (USA) destination: $60 annually
 Shipped to a Non-USA destination: $85 annually

Discounted Memberships: Members from developing countries, as defined by the WHO may request a 50% reduction in membership dues that include online only journal access, subject to approval by MSA Council.

Application for membership can be made online.
Applications may also be found in each issue of Mycologia. If you require further information or assistance with membership matters, or for institutional subscriptions to Mycologia, please contact our Membership & Subscriptions Liaison, Liza Woolard, at

We look forward to receiving your application for membership in the Mycological Society of America!