MSA Awards

MSA 2015 Student award winners

MSA 2015 Student award winners

For over 20 years the Mycological Society of America has been recognizing excellence in research, teaching and service among its membership by awarding the Alexopoulos Prize, the Distinguished Mycologist Award, and the William H. Weston Award. The awardees for these honors are selected from nominations made to the Distinctions Committee. Members of this committee are not eligible to nominate or be nominated for these awards, but all other members of the Society may make nominations and are strongly encouraged to do so. This is your chance to do something for that mycologist who sparked your interest in mycology as a teacher or whose research you have so much admired. You may, or may not, be able to achieve the excellence that your favorite heroes have demonstrated, but it is not difficult to praise them by nominating them for an appropriate award. If you don’t nominate them, they will surely not receive an award!

Announcing the 2015 Distinguished Mycologist Award

2014 Award Ceremony

The following table summarizes all MSA Awards, who is eligible, the award received, and the administering MSA committee to which applications or nominations must be sent. Click on the award title to learn how to apply, and for lists of past awardees.

Award applications and nominations are typically invited near the end of each calendar year, with a submission deadline of February 15. Please see individual award pages for deadline information.

MSA awards are publicly announced at the annual MSA meeting, usually in July or August.


Award Eligibility Requirement Award Received Administering
Distinguished Mycologist Mycologist Plaque MSA Distinctions
Gordon and Tina Wasson Award Mycologist Plaque, membership, Mycologia access MSA Distinctions
C. J. Alexopoulos Prize Early-career Mycologist Plaque &
Monetary Award
MSA Distinctions
W. H. Weston Award
Teaching Excellence
Teacher of Mycology Plaque MSA Distinctions
MSA Fellow Mid-career Mycologist Plaque Honorary Awards
MSA Honorary Member Mycologist Lifetime membership Honorary Awards
MSA Graduate Fellowships Graduate Student 2 @ $2000 each Student Awards
NAMA Memorial Fellowship Graduate Student $2000 Student Awards
Backus Award Graduate Student $1000 Student Awards
Undergraduate Research Award Undergraduate Student approx. $500–$1000 Student Awards
Best Oral Presentation Undergraduate student 1 @ $100 each Student Awards
Best Oral Presentation Graduate student 2 @ $100 each Student Awards
Best Poster Presentation Graduate student 2 @ $100 each Student Awards
Mentor Travel Awards Graduate/Undergraduate Student Varies Mentor Travel Awards
Martin-Baker Award Early Career Mycologist $2500 Research Awards
Forest Fungal Ecology Award Graduate/Undergraduate Student approx. $1250-2500 Research Awards
Forest Fungal Ecology Post-Doctoral Award Post-Doctoral Researchers approx. $1250-2500 Research Awards
Emory Simmons Research Award Current member of MSA approx. $10000 Research Awards
Rippon Research Award Graduate Student (MS or PhD) Varies Research Awards
C. T. Rogerson Research Award Graduate/Undergraduate Student approx. $1000 Research Awards
Salomon Bartnicki-Garcia Award Graduate/Undergraduate Student approx. $500 Research Awards
A. H. & H. V. Smith Award MSA Member approx. $1200 Research Awards
Translational Mycology Award current MSA member who is either 1) a student working on their Masters or Ph.D, 2) recent recipient of Ph.D. Honors theses BA/BS students may be considered several awards ranging from $1250-2500 Research Awards
Translational Mycology Postdoctoral Award MSA members who have received their Ph.D. within the past 5 years, who have made significant contributions to our understanding of Translational Mycology during that time, and who are currently engaged in work in the area as a postdoctoral researcher several awards ranging from $1250-2500 Research Awards
Robert W. Lichtwardt Student Research Award Students must be members of the MSA, with preference given to M.S. or undergraduate degree seeking students. Ph.D. candidates will be considered secondarily $1000 Research Awards