Alexopoulos Prize

C. J. Alexopoulos Prize

Awarded annually to an outstanding mycologist early in their career. The nominees will be evaluated primarily on the basis of quality, originality, and quantity of their published work.

Application deadline: February 15, annually

General Requirements:

  1. The nominee must be a current member of the MSA.
  2. Nominees must have received their last degree within the ten year period immediately preceding January 1st of the year in which the award is given.
  3. An individual may receive the Alexopoulos Award only once.
  4. Self nomination is not allowed.
  5. Nominators must be members of the MSA.
  6. Nominees who are not chosen for the prize in the year in which they are nominated will be reconsidered for up to two additional years (within the 10-year limit). The MSA Distinctions Committee Chairperson will request updates of the nominee’s materials.

Documents required: The nomination folder should contain:

  1. A nominating letter, including a detailed evaluation of the nominee’s contributions to Mycology.
  2. A current curriculum vitae, including a list of the nominee’s publications.
  3. Reprints of the nominee’s 5 most significant papers.
  4. Up to five additional letters of support.

The nominator should a) prepare a single electronic file, preferably in pdf format, containing all of the items listed above and email it as an attachment; or b) prepare as much as possible electronically in one email with attachments followed by FAX or hard copy of the non-electronic portions; and send all to the Chair of the MSA Distinctions Committee.

Note: The award consists of a plaque and a monetary award derived from the annual interest on the principle deposited in the MSA Alexopoulos Fund or $1000, whichever is greater. The Committee may choose to make no award in a given year, if it is appropriate. Presentation of the award will take place at the awards ceremony during the Breakfast and Business Meeting at the annual meeting of the MSA. The recipient will be notified in time to plan to attend the presentation. The name of the winner of the award will be published in the annual meeting program and in Inoculum.

Alexopoulos Prize
2015 Peter Kennedy
2014 Jason Stajich
2013 Priscila Chaverri
2012 Anne Elizabeth Arnold
2011 Tim James
2010 Anne Pringle
2009 Brian Shaw
2008 Ignazio Carbone
2007 Teresa Pawlowska
2006 Wendy Untereiner
2005 Fran├žois Lutzoni
2004 Dirk Redecker
2003 David Geiser
2002 Joey Spatafora
2001 No award
2000 David S. Hibbett
1999 Pedro Crous
1998 Dennis Desjardin
1997 Georgiana May
1996 James White, Jr.
1995 Rytas Vilgalys
1994 Thomas D. Bruns
1993 Keith A. Seifert
1992 Gregory M. Mueller
1991 Dean A. Glawe
1990 Richard Howard
1989 Linda M. Kohn
1988 Scott Redhead
1987 James B. Anderson
1986 John W. Taylor
1985 No award
1984 Robert Fogel
1983 Meredith Blackwell
1982 No award
1981 Martha Powell
1980 Donald Wicklow
1979 Charles Mims
1978 Kerry O’Donnell