John W Rippon Research Award

John W. Rippon Research Award

This award supports graduate student research on medically important fungi and is open to M.S. and Ph.D. degree students.

Award Amount: $500

Application deadline: February 15, annually

Eligibility: Applicants must be students working on their Masters or Ph.D. degrees. Student must be a current member of the MSA.

Proposals should address innovative approaches to studying medically important fungi, including those that cause mycoses, mycotoxicosis, mycoallergies, and mycetismus. Studies may be clinical in nature or may encompass various research areas, such as genetics, systematics, genomics, ecology, distribution, epidemiology, mechanisms of pathogenicity, life cycles, or other appropriate areas, as long as the emphasis of the study addresses the medical importance of the fungus.

Documents required:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Current CV, including career plans and a paragraph regarding training for the proposed work.
  3. Proposal of not more than 5 single-spaced pages that includes the rationale for the study and the hypotheses to be tested, a detailed description of the fungus to be studied, methodologies to be used, description of the study design, including specifics on the time line to complete the proposal (generally one year), and a plan for dissemination of results. Students are encouraged to present their results at a MSA meeting.
  4. Include description of how the proposed research will benefit the field of medical mycology.
  5. Two letters of support, one of which is from the major professor.

To apply: Send all items listed above in a single electronic file, preferably in pdf format to the Chair of the Research Awards Committee

. Confidential letters of reference may be submitted separately and directly from the referee to the Chair. A CD with the PDF file and a hard copy of the application would be appreciated as they may be useful in case there are problems with the electronic file. The application will be considered to have arrived once all electronic files have been received in working order by the Chair. All documents must be in English to be considered.

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