MSA Fellows Award

MSA Fellows Award

Members of the MSA are encouraged to submit nominations for MSA Fellows to the Chair of the MSA Honorary Awards Committee.

Nomination deadline: February 15, annually


  1. MSA Fellows are to be selected from members who have completed at least 11 years of service after their Ph.D., with no upper limit.
  2. MSA Fellows are members who are outstanding mycologists on the basis of one or more criteria: a solid record of mycological research, and/or successful teaching and development of teaching materials for mycology, and/or significant service to the Society. This is meant to recognize a core group of mid-career mycological achievers and outstanding MSA volunteers.

Documents required:
To nominate a deserving mycologist for this Award, please submit to the Chair of the MSA Honorary Awards Committee: 1) a one-page overview preferably as a pdf email attachment, and 2) Curriculum vitae of the individual nominated as MSA Fellow

MSA Fellows
2016 Francois Lutzoni
2015 Jessie Glaser
2014 Marc Cubeta, Lafayette Frederick, Brian Shaw
2013 Karen Hughes, Keith Seifert, Scott Redhead
2012 M. Catherine Aime, David M. Geiser, Don Natvig
2011 Greg Mueller, Don Pfister
2010 Steven L. Stephenson
2009 James B. Anderson
2008 Mary Berbee, David Hibbett, Joyce Longcore, Thomas Volk
2007 Meredith Blackwell, Faye Murrin, Karen Snetselaar, Joey Spatafora
2006 Timothy Baroni, Roy Halling, Martha Powell, Kerry O’Donnell
2005 Dennis Desjardin, Lorelei Norvell, John Taylor
2004 Don Ruch, Christopher Schardl, Linda Kohn, Maren Klich, Don Hemmes
2003 Gerald Bills, Steve Miller, Mary Palm, Robby Roberson
Jeff Stone
2002 Tom Bruns, Tom Harrington, David McLaughlin, Gary Samuels, Rytas Vilgalys
2001 Jean Lodge, Amy Rossman