MSA Graduate Fellowships

MSA Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships: Two MSA Graduate Fellowships ($2,000 each), the NAMA Memorial Fellowship ($2,000), and the Backus Award ($1000) are awarded annually to promising graduate students in mycology. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their scholastic merit, research ability and promise shown as a mycologist. These fellowships are intended as supplementary grants and may be used by the recipients in any way to further their graduate studies. They are awarded in addition to any fellowship or assistantship support from other sources.

Application deadline: February 15, annually

Requirements: Applicants must be:

  1. Student members of the MSA.
  2. Candidates for the Ph.D.
  3. Resident during the tenure of the fellowship in a university in Canada or the United States. Previous recipients of these fellowships are not eligible to apply. The NAMA Fellowship comes with the stipulation that the awardee prepare an article for McIlvainea.

Documents required:

  1. A cover letter addressing your eligibility including a statement that you have passed your qualifying exams (comprehensive, oral, preliminary, or their equivalent).
  2. A curriculum vitae that includes a paragraph describing your training for the proposed work.
  3. A detailed plan of study. [The text of this plan of study must be no longer than five pages including tables, figures, references, and a proposed budget. Applications that include proposals exceeding the 5-page limit will not be considered. The text of this proposal should be single-spaced and printed in a regular sized font (10 cpi or 12 point). Suggestions for preparing this plan of study are provided below.]
  4. Two letters of recommendation, one of which is from your supervisor or thesis advisor. Both referees must be members of MSA. We recommend that your supervisor’s letter also address your eligibility based on candidacy.
  5. Graduate school transcripts showing courses taken, grades received, student Social Security number and Student ID number. Photocopies are acceptable if signed by your supervisor, but at least one must be an official transcript obtained from your institution’s Registrar.

Plan of study should include the following:

  1. A 200- to 250-word Abstract;
  2. An Introduction that explains what you want to do and why it is interesting or important;
  3. A Methods section that convinces the reader that the project is feasible and describes how the study will be conducted; and
  4. A Discussion section that explains preliminary results of your study (if any) and their significance. Be concise. Use section headings and double spacing between paragraphs to make your proposal easier to read.

Apply to: Send one copy of your completed application, including all items listed above, in electronic format and preferably as a single pdf file, to the Chair of the MSA Student Awards Committee. Confidential letters of reference and transcripts that are not available electronically should be sent, in quadruplicate by regular mail to the Chair of the Student Awards Committee. All documents must be in English to be considered.

Note: The Chair will appoint an ad hoc member to replace any Committee member who has a student applying for a fellowship or who otherwise feels a conflict of interest. The successful applicants will be notified upon selection (usually within four weeks of the closing date for nominations) so that they may plan to attend the awards presentation at the annual meeting. Those applicants not notified within this time were not selected as awardees, but all applicants will be notified of their status. The stipends are awarded following confirmation that the applicants meet the requirements for eligibility.

Recipients of the MSA Graduate Fellowship
2015 Ko-Hsuan Chen
Samantha Lee
2014 Hai Nguyen
Sydney Glassman
2013 Alisha Owensby
Andrew “Roo” Vandergrift
2012 Kathryn Picard
Rodrigo Olarte
2011 Hector Urbina
Louis Lamit
2010 Jana M. U’Ren
Nhu H. Nguyen
2009 Marin Brewer
Brendan Hodkinson
2008 Sara Branco
Tami McDonald
2007 Andrea Porras-Alfaro
Cara Gibson
2006 Cécile Gueidan
Huzefa Raja
2005 Travis A. Clark
Andrew W. Wilson
2004 Jozsef Geml
Valerie Reeb
2003 Jeremy Dettman
Lisa Grubisha
2002 Tim James
Christine Baker
2001 Priscila Chaverri
Zhihong Zhong
2000 Jutta Buschbom
Leah Cowen
1999 Brian Shaw
Karl Henry
1998 Jamie Platt
Scott Kroken
1997 Amy Tuininga
Ignazio Carbone
1996 Kathie Hodge
Elizabeth Frieders
1995 Yatika Kohli
Steven Doggett
1994 David M. Geiser
Wendy A. Untereiner
1993 Francois Lutzoni
Lorelei L. Norvell
1992 Kirk Czymmek
David Rizzo
1991 John S. Hopple
Karen Snetselaar
1990 Shelly A. Brunt
Susan G. W. Kamiskyj
1989 Steven B. Lee
Josephine Taylor
1988 Paula T. DePriest
Lisa Muehlstein
1987 Kathleen M. T. Cason
Dennis E. Desjardin
1986 John S. Horton
Richard W. Kerrigan
1985 Georgiana May
Rodney Roberts
1984 Thomas Bruns
Thomas Chase
1983 John Hammer
Karl McKnight
1982 Faye Murrin
Bruce Tucker
1981 Charles Jacobs
Kenneth Whitney
1980 Thomas Harrington
Steven Warner
1979 Michael Allen
Robert Antibus
1978 James Anderson
Larry Gauriloff
1977 Kurt Dahlberg
Linda Kohn
1976 Scott Redhead
John Taylor
1975 Martha Sherwood
1974 Robert Fogel
1973 William Timberlake
1972 Jeffrey Pommervile
1971 Thomas R. Matthews
1970 Jimmy D. Clark
1969 Lauritz W. Olson
1968 Robert F. Devlin
1967 David J. McLaughlin
1966 William G. Merz
1965 ?
1964 ?
1963 Larry J. Littlefield



Recipients of the NAMA Memorial Fellowship Given in Honor of:
2017 (to be determined) Pat Brannen
2016 (to be determined) Hildegard Hendrickson
2015 Rachel Koch Patrice Benson
2014 Marisol Sánchez-Garcia
2013 Cesar Herrera Ernst Both
2012 Dimitrious Floudas Larry Stickney
2011 Vince Hustad Ben Woo
2010 Valerie L. Wong in celebration of the 50th anniversary of NAMA
2009 Jennifer Kerekes Elsie Knighton
2008 Jo Anne Crouch Orson K. Miller
2007 Todd Osmundson Bill Cibula
2006 Bryn Dentinger
2005 No Award
2004 Jerri Parent
2003 No Award
2002 Admir Giachini Leo Tanghe
2001 P. Brandon Matheny Kent & Vera McKnight
2000 Steve Trudell Chuck Barrows
1999 Cameron Currie Helen V. Smith
1998 John Paul Schmitt
1997 Daniel Czederpiltz
1996 James Johnson
1995 Greg Saenz



Recipients of the Myron P. Backus
Graduate Fellowship
2014 Jessie Uehling
2013 Aaron David
2012 Joshua Birkebak
2011 Allison Walker
2010 Donald M. Walker
2009 Megan Saunders
2008 Luis Meija
2007 Teresita McLenon-Porter
2006 Suzanne Joneson
2005 Bryn T. M. Dentinger
2004 Rachel Novick
2003 Daniel Henk
2002 Yuri Springer
2001 Andrew Miller
2000 Paulo Ceresini
1999 Sean Abbott
1998 Guillermo Pimentel
1997 Dennis McDaniel
1996 John McKemy
1995 David Gernandt
1994 Paul T. Gieser