MSA Graduate Research Prizes

MSA Graduate Research Prizes

Two MSA Graduate Research Prizes of $100 each are awarded annually to the two best ORAL research papers in mycology presented by graduate students at the annual MSA meeting. Two MSA Graduate Research Prizes of $100 each are awarded annually to the two best POSTERS in mycology presented by graduate students at the annual MSA meeting.


  1. The applicant must be a member of the MSA.
  2. Persons eligible for a Graduate Research Prize are M.Sc. or Ph.D. candidates or those who have been awarded the degree within one year of the annual meeting.
  3. Previous recipients of either category of Graduate Research Prize are not eligible for a second award.

How to apply: An individual should apply for consideration for a Graduate Research Prize by so indicating on the Abstract Submission Form for the MSA annual meeting. Application may be made for either but not both categories of Graduate Research Prizes. A student can apply for and receive both the Graduate Fellowship and a Graduate Research Prize. Applicants should please include their Social Security number and Student I.D. number.

Evaluation: The Student Awards Committee

will evaluate applicants on the basis of significance of the work, creativity, appropriateness of the methods, clarity of presentation, and validity of conclusions. An effort will be made to send at least two members of the committee to each oral presentation and for all members to view the poster competition. Ad hoc members of the Awards Committee will be appointed by the Chair to avoid a conflict of interest or to facilitate the judging. These prizes will be announced at the Awards ceremony at the Annual Meeting.

Recipients of the Graduate Student Research Prize – Poster Presentation
2015 Catherine Adams
Terri Tobias
2014 Steven Ahrendt
Jason Oliver
2013 Kayla Arendt
Rosanne Healy
2012 Kerri Kluting
Rachel Koch
2011 Jakob Riddle
Brian Malloure
2010 Tomas Rush
Kevin Beiler
2009 Kathleen Pitcher
Hector Urbina
2008 Donald M. Walker
Yun Luan Cui
2007 Maria Lee
Tami McDonald
2006 Andrew Wilson
Craig Dunek
2005 Gi-Ho Sung
Andrea Porras-Alfaro
Sandra Woolfolk – Honorable Mention
2004 P. Brandon Matheny
Rebecca Yahr
2003 Christine Baker
Jozsef Geml
Joshua Burgess – prize provided by the British Mycological Society
2002 Eunsung Oh
2001 Travis Clark
Elizabeth Lewis
2000 Merlin M. White
Jennifer Anderson
1999 Guido Fischer
Marsha Harbin
Ning Zhang
Zhihong Zhong
1998 J. Dobranic
M. Henn
1997 J. F. Babcock
L.J. Ma
1996 M. W. Harding
J.E. Johnson
1995 D. S. Lowry
A. R. Tuininga
1994 Lisa A. Castlebury
Susan Huffine
Kevin A. Kuehn
Kurt A. Zeller
1993 Elizabeth M. Frieders
Mary Malik
1992 Ignazio Carbone
Kathryn Jacobson
1991 Patrick R. Leacock
Robert W. Specker
1990 Kirk J. Czymmek
Steven B. Lee
1989 Scott Walsh
Lily Novak
1988 Paula DePriest
1987 Stephen W. Parker
1986 Charles C. Bertke
1985 Bruce E. Tucker


Recipients of the Graduate Student Research Prize – Oral Presentation
2015 Robert Powers
Anna Bazzicalupo
2014 Alija Mujic
Roo Vandegrift
2013 Serenella Linares
Thomas Jenkinson
2012 Alisha Owensby
Kathryn Picard
2011 Naupaka Zimmerman
Ina Timling
2010 Rodrigo Olarte
Daniel Lawrence
2009 Marin Brewer
Michaelle Hersh
2008 Kabir G. Peay
Brendan P. Hodkinson
2007 Marie L. Davey
Gretchen Pruett
2006 no award (no student oral presentations in 2006)
2005 Cathryn Rehmeyer
Matthew Smith
Travis Clark – Honorable Mention
2004 Jennifer Anderson
Mathew Geif
Terri Mclenon
2003 Priscila Chaverri
Kentaro Hosaka
2002 Ameena Nalim
Daniel Henk
2001 Andrew Miller
Patrick Westfall
2000 M. Catherine Aime
Leah E. Cowen
1999 Only Prizes for poster Presentations given. IBC.
1998 Scott Kroken
D. McDaniel
1997 Elizabeth M. Pine
R. N. Weinstein
1996 R.E. Marra
S. Coleman McCleneghan
1995 M. S. Doggett
M. Freitag
1994 (See poster awards-IMC5)
1993 Catherine Bachewich
Eric C. Swann
1992 Karen Snetselaar
Maria Vargas
1991 Rosamaria Lopez-Franco
Joseph W. Spatafora
1990 David Hibbett
John Hopple
1989 Katherine F. Lobuglio
Myron L. Smith
1988 Christine M. Gruhn
Larry P. Lehnen
1987 Eric W. A. Boehm
Kathleen M. T. Cason
1986 Jane N. Gemma
Tommy C. Sewall
1985 Steven L. Miller
Margaret E. Silliker
1984 William E. Hintz
Robert W. Martin
1983 Gerald Bills
Steven Horton
1982 Edmond Badham
Thomas Bruns
Elaine Huizar
1981 Gregory M. Mueller
1980 Laurel Davis
Susan Meyer
1979 Donald Betterley
1978 William Perry Mulleavy
1977 IMC-2: No award
1976 Terry Hill
Dennis McCabe
1975 Richard Humber
1974 Ellen Farr
1973 Martha Powell
1972 Rand McNitt
1971 Terrence M. Hammill
1970 Jerome Motta
1969 Harold H. Burdsall, Jr.
Recipients of the Undergraduate Student Research Prize – Poster Presentation
2015 Benjamin Auxier