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By SuperUser Account on 12/28/2015 5:44 AM
The Hibbett lab at Clark University seeks a highly motivated, independent postdoctoral fellow to conduct research in evolutionary genomics in mushroom-forming fungi. The postdoctoral fellow will be involved in one or more of the following projects: (1) Evolutionary developmental biology of Agaricomycetes; (2) Evolution of substrate-specificity in wood-decay fungi; or (3) Phylogenomics of Lentinula (shiitake mushrooms and relatives). All three projects require expertise in evolutionary genomics and molecular phylogenetics. Experience in fungal genetics is also desirable. Research could include “wet bench” techniques, including culturing and production of fruiting bodies for transcriptomics, or could be entirely analytical, depending on the candidate’s skills and interests. Applicants should have a PhD in genomics, evolutionary genetics, fungal biology, or a relevant discipline, a strong publication record (appropriate for career stage), and excellent communication skills. Willingness to involve students in research...
By SuperUser Account on 12/7/2015 5:51 AM
Assistant Professor Applied Mycology Weber State University The Department of Botany at Weber State University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Applied Mycology starting in Fall 2016. We seek a person with expertise in mycology, endophytes, other plant-fungal interactions, fungal metabolites, or environmental mycology. The successful candidate will be appointed at the Assistant Professor level and will be expected to: 1) teach upper-division courses in area(s) of expertise and lower-division life science courses as required, 2) establish an active and sustained research program that includes mentoring undergraduate students, 3) seek external funding in support of teaching or research, 4) establish collaborations with colleagues in the College of Science; and 5) contribute to the development of new interdisciplinary curricula including a planned environmental/ sustainability science program. Minimum Requirements include: A Ph.D. in botany, or a related life sciences field with expertise...