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By SuperUser Account on 3/25/2016 7:34 AM
A postdoctoral position is available in the Zanne lab at George Washington University with a flexible start date. The postdoctoral scientist will work on collaborative projects related to the microbial colonization of wood. These projects include: 1. Analyzing multi-year microbial community data from an NSF-funded project in St. Louis, MO, USA, and 2. Measuring plant anatomical, morphological and chemical wood traits and characterizing fungal community composition using DNA-based and functional approaches for an Australian Research Council-funded experiment in Sydney, Australia, in collaboration with Will Cornwell (University of New South Wales) and Jeff Powell (Western Sydney University). Possibilities also exist to work on projects examining the relative roles of microbes and termites in breaking down wood in tropical Australia. The position is one year but has the potential to be extended. The postdoc would be based at GWU located in the heart of Washington, DC, USA with easy access to numerous science-, conservation-,...
By SuperUser Account on 3/13/2016 4:18 PM
Cover Cell Biology Issue 108.3 

We are pleased to announce our special issue with a focus on fungal Cell Biology. This issue will provide reviews and new research on hot topics including cytoskeleton function, RNAi, hyphal growth and morphogenesis, Golgi, peroxisome, and vacuolar function and will be a great resource for expanding your general knowledge of fungal form and function. Guest Editors: Meritxell Riquelme and Rosa Mouriño-Pérez.