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PhD opportunity - fungal foliar endophytes - University of Hawaii

Nov 23

Written by: SuperUser Account
11/23/2015 9:17 AM 

PhD opportunity to study fungal foliar endophytes of Vanuatu at the University of Hawaii The Amend lab at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is recruiting a PhD student to research plant fungal interactions as part of a NSF-funded collaboration. The student will collaborate with a broad consortium of researchers to examine the fungal, botanical and linguistic diversity of Tafea province, Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. This will be the first systematic survey of this oceanic, tropical, biodiversity hotspot. The student will be responsible principally for documenting the endophytic fungi of native host plants using cultivation and high-throughput DNA-sequencing techniques. This will involve long stretches in the field under uncomfortable, remote and staggeringly beautiful conditions. The student will have the opportunity to develop research questions consistent with lab interests in microbial community ecology, biogeography and evolution. The student will enroll in the Department of Botany http://www.botany.hawaii.edu, a small, research-active department that values organismal and natural history research. We have access to modern facilities including greenhouses, growth chambers, a rainforest arboretum, a campus supercomputer with excellent administrators, and sequencing/microscopy cores. Hawaiian field sites are spectacular and easily accessed; our native flora is 90% endemic. Full stipend and tuition as a research assistant is guaranteed for 3 years. The student will enroll Fall 2016. The successful applicant should have some of the following attributes: experience devising, conducting and completing independent research; coursework and interest in fungi and/or plants; skills in molecular biology and bioinformatics; ability to make a convincing case that he/she will be happy spending extended periods in the field. Please take a look at the Amend Lab website http://amendlab.com to get a sense of the type of research we conduct. If you think you’re a good fit, please send your CV and unofficial transcripts to Anthony: amend@hawaii.edu. In a cover letter please describe 1) why you’re interested in this opportunity 2) a research question or questions you’d be interested in exploring and 3) what approach you’d use to do so. Full applications are due January 15, please contact me sooner.


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