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PhD position - Production of Pharmaceutical Biomolecules from Filamentous Fungi

Oct 4

Written by: SuperUser Account
10/4/2015 3:02 PM 

Expression of interest is invited for a full-time, four-year PhD research position to be funded under SFI-SIRG research scheme. Title: Production of Pharmaceutical Biomolecules from Filamentous Fungi Background Fungi are one of the most important groups of organisms on the planet. They provide fundamental products such as food, enzymes and medicines for biotechnological innovations. This proposed work is committed to the exploitation of native fungal candidates for novel biomolecules including biomedically relevant enzymes and proteins for potential industrial applications. This work will aim to mine the potential of fungal candidates for product development and subsequently characterizing these products for fundamental research and biotechnological applications. Thus, innovative and environmentally compatible and highly specific molecules will be identified. Requirements Applicants should have a good primary degree (First or Second Class Honours) or M.Sc. in an appropriate discipline in biological sciences/biotechnology/mycology/microbiology. The successful candidate should have interest in fungal biotechnology, bioinformatics, molecular biology approaches, metabolite screening and mass spectrometry. The candidate should be highly motivated. Award Upon successful grant, selected candidate will be registered as a full time research student in NUIG for 04 years. The fellowship will provide a stipend as NUIG/SFI norms. Further Information/Applications: Please send statement of interest and CV to the below email(s) by 24th October 2015. Dr. Vijai Kumar Gupta; vijai.gupta@nuigalway.ie Dr. Maria G. Tuohy; maria.tuohy@nuigalway.ie


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