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PhD-student in systematic biology at the Department of Organismal Biology

Dec 24

Written by: SuperUser Account
12/24/2014 10:43 AM 

PhD-student in systematic biology at the Department of Organismal Biology Uppsala University is an international research university focused on the development of science and education. Our most important assets are all the individuals who with their curiosity and their dedication makes Uppsala University one of Sweden’s most exciting work places. Uppsala University has 41.000 students, 6,500 employees and a turnover of SEK 5,900 million. Project description: The PhD position is part of an externally founded project to investigate the environmental factors that control the production of edible mushrooms in western Africa. Mushrooms are an important part of the diet for many people in West Africa and selling mushrooms give an opportunity of monetary income. Many edible mushrooms are ectomycorrhizal, i.e. form a symbiotic relation with trees, and there are calculations indicating that the potential value of mushroom production is higher than the value of timber production in many forests. The project will include inventories of mushrooms and collection of climate data for sample sites in ectomycorrhizal forests in Benin. Species determination using morphology and molecular methods will be an important part of the project. Except the goal to predict mushroom production from climate data, there will be studies of fungal diversity and etnomycology. The exact questions of the PhD-work will be developed in collaboration with other project participants and there are also opportunities to pursue studies outside the main project. The project will be done in close collaboration with scientists and students at the University of Parakou. Qualifications: To be admitted as a PhD-student a MSc in biology or higher, or corresponding qualifications are required. Application: The application should include a letter briefly describing the applicant and the applicants research interests (one page). The application should also include a CV, contact information to at least two references, copies of certificates of exams and grade, copy of bachelor thesis or similar work, and other documents the applicant wish to adduce. Contact: Martin Ryberg, e-post: martin.ryberg@ebc.uu.se. You are welcome with your application no later than January 19, 2015, UFV-PA 2014/3879. To apply follow the link below http://www.uu.se/en/about-uu/join-us/details/?positionId=49790# The position may include up to 20% teaching/administrative work, which will then prolong the position accordingly. The salary will follow the local guidelines.


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