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Mycologist position: Ecovative Mushroom Materials

Jun 15

Written by: SuperUser Account
6/15/2016 4:39 AM 

Mycologist Ecovative’s Mushroom® Materials technology relies on a professional mycologist to provide expertise and training across the company in daily operations, decision-making, and strategic planning to obtain valuable products from renewable fungal polymers. The successful candidate will lead research projects around fungal strain and substrate optimization for Ecovative’s various material platforms while supervising the members of the Ecovative Strain team. The Mycologist reports to and supports the Chief Scientist in promoting Ecovative’s technology through grants and patent writing and business development. He or she will serve in public relations as a company spokesperson, interfacing especially with the national and international mycological community. Specifically the successful candidate will have: Mycological Expertise-
  • 3 or more years postgraduate experience including identification, isolation, and optimization of fungi for new strain development
  • Safety training in biological and chemical laboratories
  • Proficiency in aseptic technique throughout the growth process from lab bench to scale up.
  • Active professional memberships in MSA, NAMA or related associations
Team Management –
  • Managerial experience including weekly/monthly team & project meetings and biannual performance reviews
  • Experience in higher level company management leadership
Project Oversight -
  • Experience leading projects through research and development to inform business development
Minimum Requirements
  • A Master’s degree in Microbiology or related field with a focus on applied mycology or fungal biotechnology
  • Comprehensive working knowledge of the fungi and plant kingdoms with regard to taxonomy, physiology and ecology
  • Several years experience growing Basidiomycete fungi, including mastery of aseptic technique for isolation of wild strains for plate and liquid culture and solid state fermentation, such as biopulping
  • Organizational leadership experience in project management and team oversight. This person will need to maintain an understanding of project needs and questions and manage employee efforts accordingly
  • Well developed editorial, writing, and presentation skills; professional publications in connection with the mycological community; and membership in MSA and NAMA or related scientific communities
  • 3 or more years teaching experience at educational institutions, forays, workshops or for adult learners
  • Familiarity with fungal literature for taxonomy and fermentation
  • Identification and light microcopy skills for the Fungal Kingdom with focus on Basidiomycetes and molds
  • Working knowledge of organizational database management
  • Knowledge on baking and kindness to bring cakes and cookies to work colleagues
Preferred requirements A PhD degree in Mycology with a focus on applied fungal biotechnology using wood-rotting fungi for the treatment of lignocellulosic plant biomass, along with all of the above.
  • Patent writing
  • Grant writing
  • 3-5 years experience in biomass refineries and related industries, such as biopulping, biobleaching or other wood treatment plants
  • At least 5 scientific publications on fungal biotechnology, such as journal articles or book chapters
  • Experience troubleshooting contamination events
  • Experience designing/optimizing cultivation parameters
  • Active memberships in MSA and NAMA
Applicants please submit a cover letter of intent and CV to: jobs@ecovativedesign.com


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