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Molecular Biologist/Mycologist/Microbiologist Post-Doctoral Position

Jan 21

Written by: SuperUser Account
1/21/2016 12:55 PM 

Sustainable Bioproducts LLC, Bozeman NOTE: This position has been filled as of 4/10/16 Sustainable Bioproducts LLC seeks to fill a molecular biologist/mycologist position at their Bozeman, Montana laboratory. SB has significant public and private funding to develop extremophilic, oleaginous fungi for the conversion of a wide variety of waste feedstocks to high-value chemicals. The primary responsibility of the post-doctoral researcher will be to create a suite of genetically modified fungi using traditional genetic engineering tools and state-of-the-art techniques such as CRISPER/Cas. A strong background in bioinformatics of fungal genomes is highly desirable. Significant effort will also focus on growth optimization studies at laboratory and larger scales. SB collaborates with a range of groups including Montana State University, and scientists and engineering teams in the private sector. These groups will assist our staff in mentoring the successful candidate while encouraging independent exploration in bio-renewable chemicals. The ideal candidate would have experience in metabolic engineering of fungi and or yeast, and a strong knowledge of eukaryotic biochemistry and bioinformatics. The ideal candidate would be excited about the work, creative, self-motivated, able to work independently, have strong communication and analytical skills, and work well in a team environment. The position will initially be supported by a generous two year grant from the National Science Foundation at $75,000 per year plus benefits. The NSF requires the candidate have received a Ph.D. within the last six years, and be a U.S. citizen. The Sustainable Bioproducts office/laboratory is located north of Yellowstone National Park in Bozeman, Montana, an area well known for its scenic beauty and opportunity for outdoor activities. If interested, please respond to Rich Macur at rmacur@gmail.com


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