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Research positions at Royal Botanical Gardens

Jan 20

Written by: SuperUser Account
1/20/2015 2:39 AM 

A large number of jobs are currently being advertised at RBG Kew with a 1 Feb deadline for applications. For example: Research positions:
  • Early Career Research Fellowship (10 positions available)
  • Senior Research Leader - Plant Health
  • Research Leader - Conservation Genetics
  • Research Leader - Crop Plants
  • Research Leader - Digital Collections
  • Research Leader - Identification and Naming (Americas)
  • Research Leader - Integrated Monography
  • Research Leader - Plant & Fungal Names & eTaxonomy
  • Senior Biodiversity Informatician
  • Biodiversity Informatician
  • Lead Developer - Drupal
Technical positions:
  • Senior Science Officer - Policy
  • Imaging/EM Lab Technician
  • Molecular Lab Technician
  • Seed Germination Assistant
  • Digital Collections Assistant
  • Lab-based Collections Assistant
Support positions:
  • Science Administrator - Communications
  • Support Officer to the Millennium Seed Bank
  • Support Officer to the Senior Science Team
https://careers.kew.org/vacancies.html Please refer to UK immigration policy to determine work visa eligibility for non-EU applicants: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration


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