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Undergrad research award - announcement and call for contributions

Sep 18

Written by: SuperUser Account
9/18/2013 11:01 AM 

Dear Fellow Mycologists, We are soliciting your financial assistance and student applications for the MSA Undergraduate Research award. Each year, the Mycological Society of America awards several graduate fellowships to support the research and professional development of young scientists that show promise in the field of mycology. These annual awards are made possible by the generous support of MSA benefactors and society members and are an important component of the society’s mission to promote opportunities for young mycologists. This year, the MSA Education and Endowment Committees have initiated the Undergraduate Research Award to enhance opportunities for undergraduate students pursuing research projects in mycology. We anticipate that this award will be an important tool in supporting young scientists as they explore their interest in fungal biology. We hope that all MSA members will encourage excellent undergraduate mycologists to apply for this award. We also ask that all society members consider contributing funds to support this important new award. The Undergraduate Research Award will be offered for student research covering any topic related to fungal biology (and organisms traditionally studied by mycologists) including; medical mycology, cell biology, physiology, systematics, evolution, genomics, and ecology. The undergraduate student awardee will conduct independent or directed research under the guidance of a research mentor. This award is open to all undergraduate students with sophomore, junior, or senior standing. The selection of award recipients will be based on the merit of the proposed research with special attention given to the potential of the student to contribute to existing knowledge of fungal biology. Award decisions will be based on the quality of the application and the qualifications of the individual undergraduate student who is applying. Special consideration will not be given to a student based on the specific nature of the academic institution from which they are applying. The fellowships will be selected based on scholastic achievements (with a copy of transcripts), a research proposal outlining the planned project and timeline (limited to 2 pages including references cited) and a letter of recommendation from the research mentor. The Student Award committee will select the recipient each year. In 2014, the award will be given. As with other MSA awards applications and nominations are invited near the end of each calendar year, with a submission deadline of February 15. The MSA awards are publicly announced at the annual MSA meeting, which typically takes place in July or August. For application information, please see the MSA website. To contribute to this endowment, simply go to the website (http://psfebus.allenpress.com/eBusMYSA/DONATIONS.aspx), select the page for “Undergraduate Award,” and then enter information on the amount you would like to donate and the method of donation.


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