Follow this link to the : Registration Page

Who must register

Meeting participants contributing papers or posters and attending technical or symposium sessions must register.

Follow this link to : Abstract submission

Regular abstract submission closed March 31. However, we have re-opened abstract submission for regular oral presentations only. About a dozen openings remain for presentations other than Symposium presentations. (The poster sessions are full.) Because the number of openings is restricted, please first contact the Chair of the Program Committee, Gerry Adams at and obtain a password in order to proceed with your submission of an abstract.

You must be registered to submit an abstract.

March 31: It has come to our attention that the link to abstracts that appeared on the bottom of the abstract acknowledgement email that you received is incorrect. It links to the BSA web site instead of the MSA site. To view your abstract, change “botany” to “MSA” in the URL. For example, where it says “You may view this abstract online at“, change  ”botany” to “MSA”. We apologize for the confusion.

Early Registration: January 27 – March 31

Late Registration: April 1 – May 28. After that you must register on-site

Check-in and On-site Registration: 1:30-6:00 PM on Sunday, June 8, at the MSA desk in the Kellogg Center main lobby. Registration will also be available on Monday morning, June 9.

Registration fees

MSA members who are not students : $350

MSA members who are students : $250

MSA members who are not students, after March 31 (late registration) : $450

MSA members who are students, after March 31 (late registration) : $350

Non-MSA members : $450

One-day registration: $100/day (available on the Registration page and on-site). One-day registration includes access to all sessions, coffee breaks, and lunch, but not the banquet or the mixer.


Reception and Banquet, with two drinks at each event, are included n the registration fee.

Family members/guests do not need to register for the meeting. However, if a registrant wishes to bring guests to the Welcome Reception and/or Banquet, extra tickets must be purchased on the registration page.

Official MSA 2014 T-shirts are not included in the registration fee. They can be ordered on the registration pages.