Assistant Collection Manager in Mycology or Lichenology

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Botany Collections Manager in Mycology or Lichenology - Milwaukee Public Museum

As posted by Julia Colby on NHColl:
“This Collection Manager position will be filled at the Assistant level (the first of 3 possible ranks) and will be responsible for direct care and management of the approximately 200,000 specimens (~10% cryptogams) in the Milwaukee Public Museum Herbarium (75% of the time). The remainder of the time will be concentrated on assisting with and maintaining the integrity of the Museum’s Library and Informatics resources. The candidate must have experience in non-vascular plants or fungi (Mycology or Lichenology preferred) with strong management skills, and preferably with demonstrated taxonomic expertise.
“The Museum particularly encourages applicants with a proven dedication to collections management. Axiell EMu is the Museum’s shared collection database platform and candidates should have experience either with this software or a similar relational database system.
“While there will be the opportunity to conduct or participate in research, this will be constrained by the management priorities of the collection. MPM Collection Managers perform within five areas of responsibility: 1) care of collections; 2) data and records management; 3) processing and preparation; 4) interpretation and access; and 5) professional service.  In addition, collection managers often supervise volunteers, interns, students and others in the completion of collections-related tasks.”
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