Assistant Professor, Fungal Biology, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology: UC Berkeley

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Position Description:

The Department of Plant and Microbial Biology in the Rausser College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) seeks applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor faculty position in fungal biology.

The department is a community of scholars whose research advances knowledge in plant and microbial systems in terms of biochemistry, cell and developmental biology, genetics and genomics, ecology, evolution, and pathogenesis, and their applications to ecosystems, agriculture, bioenergy, biomedicine, and biotechnology. Our undergraduate students have a choice of vibrant majors that span the disciplines in the department, and we administer top-ranked Ph.D. programs in microbiology and plant biology. Our researchers benefit from opportunities for interactions and collaborations with other biological science departments and units on campus, including the Innovative Genomics Institute (, the Energy Biosciences Institute (, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ( and the Food Institute (

Our current search is for applicants with interests in teaching and mentoring the next generation of scientists, and for research on fungi at any scale, from molecules and cells to colonies and ecosystems. Interests of the department for this hire include, but are not limited to, basic biology of fungi, e.g. fungal genetics, biochemistry, development, metabolism, and ecology; mechanisms by which fungi interact with eukaryotes, e.g. in mycorrhizal fungi and other plant mutualists, and in fungal pathogens of plants or animals; interactions of fungi with bacteria or other microbes; the biology of fungal breakdown of plant material as it pertains to carbon cycling, wildfire recovery, and biotechnology applications; and other biotechnology-relevant facets of fungal biology, e.g. fungal production of secondary metabolites as drugs, fungi as seed amendments for agricultural use, and fungi as alternative food, leather, and building materials.

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