Faculty Position: Institute of Biology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Mycology-Basidiomycota

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Candidate’s profile:

We seek a scientist to conduct research on Division Basidiomycota, with expertise in systematic biology (e.g., species discovery, description, phylogenetic inference), extending to the application of innovative theoretical concepts and methodological tools to investigate one or more processes associated with their evolution above the species level (e.g., morphological diversity, species richness, distribution), and with a strong experience of work and development of biological collections.


  • Doctorate or Ph.D. degree in the areas of mycology, systematics or evolution.
  • Knowledge and professional experience of at least 3 years in research in phylogeneticsystematics and evolution of any group within Division Basidiomycota.
  • Experience using or developing biological collections.
  • Ability to teach and supervise undergraduate and graduate students from UNAM’sSchool of Science and Graduate Programs, as well as to participate in outreach and institutional activities.
  • Develop her/his own line of independent research, including procurement of funds for research, and interaction and collaboration with other research groups.
  • Non-native speakers must be fluent in the Spanish language.
  • Because this position is available through the Subprograma de Incorporación de
  • Jóvenes Académicos de Carrera (SIJA) UNAM, aimed at incorporating early-career faculty, female applicants shoud be 39 years old or younger, and male applicants should be 37 years old or younger on the day of hire approved by the Consejo Técnico de la Investigación Científica (CTIC, Technical Council for Scientific Research).

Application and supporting documents:

Please send the following documents to sacademica@ib.unam.mx, with copy (Cc:) to secacad_vl@ib.unam.mx

  1. Curriculum vitae (CV), including academic degrees, publication history and experience in Basidiomycota systematics.
  2. Description of research conducted during at least the past 3 years (maximum 2 pages).
  3. Research proposal, in the context of a longer research plan, to be developed in the first year of work, focused on the systematics and evolution of any group of Basidiomycota,preferably with a focus on Mexican groups (maximum 10 pages).
  4. Cover letter addressed to the Director, Prof. Susana Magallón, stating the motives and interest in developing an academic career at the Institute of Biology, UNAM (maximum 2 pages)
  5. Names and contact information of at least two persons who can provide academic references.

Applications, accompanied by supporting documents, will be received from September 13th, 2021until the close of this call, which will be on October 22nd, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. (Mexico City time). Short-listed candidates will be contacted for a personal interview.


For any questions regarding this announcement, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs of the Institute of Biology at sacademica@ib.unam.mx and/or secacad_vl@ib.unam.mx.  

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