Future and Past Meetings

Future and Past MSA Meetings

The MSA Annual Meeting gets better every year and is revered for its prestigious Karling Lecture, popular Auction and Social, the Annual Foray, and its extensive awards to honor our members and support our student members.

Future Meetings
2022: Gainesville, Florida
July 10-14, 2022
Past Meetings
2021: Botany 2021 Virtual!
July 19-23, 2021
2020 MSA Virtual Meeting- “Mycology from the Cloud”

        Wednesday, July 22, 2020

87th Annual Meeting
“Diversity in All Dimensions”

August 10-14, 2019
Minneapolis, Minnesota
2019 Annual Meeting Program
2019 MSA Meeting Abstracts with Presenting Author Index
2019 Annual Meeting Homepage

85th Annual Meeting
“Translational Mycology: Putting Fungal Diversity to Work”

July 16-19, 2017
Athens, Georgia
2017 Annual Meeting Program
Online Program
Roster of Abstracts