Graduate Student Associate Position: University of Miami

Published by Cori VanGalder on

The University of Miami is looking for students to join an interactive lab group and develop an independent research focus in line with ongoing lab projects. Broadly, the group studies how biotic interactions impact biogeochemical cycles. Many in the group explore how plant construction influences community structure and function (from morphology to genes) of biotic decay agents.

The lab also examines the consequences of these interactions for ecosystem carbon cycles, especially in USA, Australia, South America as climate changes. New lab projects will be based in the New World Tropics including south Florida and Brazil. Other lab projects include solar radiation impacts on litter and wood decay, microbiome assembly on leaves and fruits, and macroevolution and functional ecology of plants, termites and microbes around the globe. The fully funded graduate work will be completed at University of Miami.

If you are interested in working with us, send an email to Amy Zanne: with brief details about your GPA, research interests and experiences, why this group is a good fit for you and why you want to go to graduate school. For information about applying to the program, go to the University of Miami, Department of Biology website (

For fall 2022 admission, the application deadline will likely be early December 2021. Please send any questions regarding the position to Amy Zanne: