Membership in the MSA provides an opportunity to stay current with new research on fungi via the Society’s journal, “Mycologia“, a leader in the field, and also to learn about meetings, publications, regulatory developments, controversies, and other current activities in mycology around the world via the MSA’s newsletter “Inoculum“. Both publications are available to members online and as hard-copies. The MSA sponsors many other activities and programs, including our annual meeting, where researchers gather to exchange the latest information on all aspects of the fungi.

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New article, “Diversity in the Mycological Society of America” by Tanya Cheeke, Sara Branco, Danny Haelewaters, Donald Natvig, Mia Maltz, Sharon Cantrell Rodriguez, Matias Cafaro, and Georgiana May.  

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Discounted Memberships: Members from developing countries, as defined by The World Bank  may request a 50% reduction in membership dues that include online only journal access. This option is subject to approval by MSA Council.

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