Inoculum Archive

The “Inoculum” archive includes PDF versions of all back issues, beginning with the first edition in 1950, when it was named “MSA Newsletter.” The publication title was changed to “Inoculum” in 1992.  “Inoculum” went online in 2001.

Digitization of “Inoculum” was undertaken by the “Inoculum” editor, Jinx Campbell, and two interns: Jared Thomas, a junior at Ocean Springs High School, MS; and Oliver Kuttner, an undergraduate student from the University of Southern Mississippi. Thanks to Emory Simmons who supplied hard copies of the missing volumes for archiving.

The current issue of “Inoculum” can be found on the “Inoculum” page.

Also archived, find a pamphlet, A Career in Mycology, date unknown.