Junior Specialist, University of California, Davis: Department of Plant Biology

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Junior Specialist, University of California, Davis: Department of Plant Biology

The Bogar Lab in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of California, Davis is seeking a Junior Specialist to contribute to ecological, physiological, and genomic investigations of symbiosis between plant roots and soil fungi. The Junior Specialist will work closely with the PI and other lab members to design and implement a variety of projects focused on ectomycorrhizal symbiosis. They will be involved in: 1) Propagating and caring for plant seedlings and fungal culture and spore collections; 2) synthesizing mycorrhizal associations between plants and fungi; 3) dissecting symbiotic plants and fungi and taking physiological measurements, and 4) extracting DNA and RNA from the resulting tissues and soils and preparing libraries for sequencing. They will also contribute to lab maintenance and upkeep, including tracking inventories and ordering supplies as needed; maintaining freezers and responding in case of emergency freezer failure; washing and storing lab ware and plant propagation equipment for experiments; and helping to ensure compliance with laboratory safety requirements. If interested, the Junior Specialist may also be involved in collecting plant and fungal propagules on occasional field trips. The Junior Specialist will have the opportunity to develop and investigate an independent research question focused on the data they will produce, contributing their findings to publications with appropriate acknowledgement.

The Junior Specialist is expected to have some research experience in plant or microbial systems with a molecular emphasis, but will be trained in the required skills specific to their projects. Experience with techniques such as sterile fungal and plant propagation (especially experience with conifer and/or Populus seedlings), plant and/or fungal ecophysiology (e.g. photosynthesis and stomatal conductance monitoring; shoot water potential measurements), DNA and/or RNA extraction and library preparation, and interpretation of gene expression or microbiome data is desirable, but not required. The Bogar Lab values diversity and is committed to maintaining a culture of inclusion. We encourage applications from all interested candidates, especially those whose backgrounds are underrepresented in the scientific community.

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