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“Interpreting a Medical Mycology Diagnostic Report”

“Online Advanced Mycology Labs for the Plains States”

Using in Online Labs

Labs on Nematophagous Fungi

Fiber Diet Microbes in Undergrad Course CURE (could be edited to focus on fungal microflora)

Lab on Personal Microbiomes (could be edited to focus on fungal microflora

Cantonwine, Emily G. 2014. An Active Learning Lab on a Selection of Ascomycete Reproductive Structures and their use in Disease DiagnosisThe Plant Health Instructor. 10.1094/PHI-T-2014-1223-01

Cantonwine, Emily G. 2014. Creating an Active Learning Environment in the Laboratory with Prepared Slides. The Plant Health Instructor. DOI: 10.1094/PHI-T-2014-1222-01