Master of Science Student – Washington State University

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Master of Science Student - Washington State University

Applications for a Master of Science student are currently being accepted.

Washington State University seeks a motivated, talented and passionate student to pursue a M.S focused on edible mushroom cultivation. The incumbent will work with Drs. David Linnard Wheeler (Dept of Plant Pathology) and Mark E. Swanson (School of the Environment). The objectives of this two-year project are to (1) investigate the cultivation of local edible mushrooms from regional agricultural, forestry, brewery, and restaurant waste materials and (2) teach communities in Washington State to cultivate edible mushrooms. Expected outcomes for this project include a peer-reviewed manuscript(s), step-by-step instructions for local edible mushroom cultivation from waste substrates, and outreach to communities in Washington. Funding for the project is provided by Washington State University’s Emerging Research Issues for Washington’s Agriculture. The project is based in Pullman, Washington and will start during the spring or summer of 2021.

For additional information, and instructions on how to apply, see here.