MSA Awards Chart

AwardWho is EligibleAward TypeAdministering CommitteePast Awardees
Distinguished Mycologist AwardMycologistsPlaqueMSA Distinctions CommitteeSee List
The Gordon and Tina Wasson AwardNon-traditional MycologistsPlaque, lifetime membership, Mycologia accessMSA Distinctions CommitteeSee List
C.J. Alexopoulos PrizeEarly-career MycologistsPlaque & Monetary AwardMSA Distinctions CommitteeSee List
W.H. Weston Award for Excellence in TeachingTeachers of MycologyPlaqueMSA Distinctions CommitteeSee List
MSA Fellow AwardMid-career MycologistsPlaqueHonorary Awards CommitteeSee List
MSA Honorary MemberMycologistsLifetime MembershipHonorary Awards CommitteeSee List
Undergraduate Research AwardUndergraduate Students$500Student Awards CommitteeSee List
MSA Graduate FellowshipGraduate Students$2,000 Student Awards CommitteeSee List
NAMA Memorial FellowshipGraduate Students$2,000Student Awards CommitteeSee List
Backus AwardGraduate Students$1,000Student Awards CommitteeSee List
Emory Simmons Research AwardCurrent members of MSA$10,000Research Awards CommitteeSee List
Martin-Baker Research AwardFaculty in a small department$3,000Research Awards CommitteeSee List
Alexander H. & Helen V. Smith Research AwardMSA Members$1,200Research Awards CommitteeSee List
Robert W. Lichtwardt Student Research AwardM.S. or undergraduate degree seeking students (PhD candidates considered)$1,000Research Awards CommitteeSee List
Clark T. Rogerson Research AwardGraduate/Undergraduate Students$1,000Research Awards CommitteeSee List
S. Bartnicki-Garcia AwardGraduate/Undergraduate Students$500Research Awards CommitteeSee List
John Rippon Research AwardGraduate Students (MS or PhD)$500Research Awards CommitteeSee List
Mentor Student Travel AwardGraduate/Undergraduate StudentsVariesMentor Travel Awards CommitteeSee List
Donald Barr Travel AwardLong-term International MSA Members$1,200International Awards CommitteeNo Past Awardees to List
Meredith Blackwell Best Student Oral Presentation AwardGraduate Students$200Student Awards CommitteeSee List
John Taylor Best Student Oral Presentation AwardGraduate Students$200Student Awards CommitteeSee List
Best Poster Presentation AwardGraduate Students$200Student Awards CommitteeSee List
Best Oral and Poster Presentation AwardUndergraduate Students$100Student Awards CommitteeSee List
Forest Fungal Ecology AwardGraduate/Undergraduate Students$1,250-$2,500Research Awards CommitteeSee List
Forest Fungal Ecology Post-Doctoral AwardPost-Doctoral Researchers$1,250-$2,500Research Awards CommitteeSee List
Interchange Ambassador AwardCurrent Members of MSA$600-$2,000Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion CommitteeNo Past Awardees to List
Interchange Invitee AwardAll interested mycologists at or subsequent to the undergraduate level$600-$2,000Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion CommitteeNo Past Awardees to List
Translational Mycology Award (not currently available)MSA Students$1,250-$2,500Research Awards CommitteeSee List
Translational Mycology Postdoctoral Award (not currently available)Post-Doctoral Researchers$1,250-$2,500Research Awards CommitteeSee List
International Travel Award (only available for IMC meetings)Post-Doctoral Researchers and New Faculty$1,500-$2,500International Awards CommitteeSee List
Special Topics Award (not currently available)MSA Members$2,000-$10,000Research Awards CommitteeSee List