MSA Statement of Diversity

MSA Statement on Diversity

The Mycological Society of America (MSA) seeks to serve the professional interests of all mycologists. Beyond providing academic support to our members, this mission requires the cultivation of a culture that welcomes and uplifts all mycologists. It is definitively in the professional interests of all members to be recognized, feel respected and safe, and have opportunities to lead our society, irrespective of cultural background or identity.

It is incumbent on MSA to demonstrate through its leadership, actions, statements, events and, ultimately, the conduct of its members that anyone can be a successful mycologist. This can be achieved through consistent commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our society and by providing supportive opportunities for members to discuss barriers that prevent diversification of our membership.

The challenges facing MSA are shared by other scientific disciplines and societies at large, but this does not justify inaction against these challenges. Often-unrecognized prejudices and privileges affect our professional trajectories, which are not only based on our value as scientists, but also our race and ethnicity, country of origin, sex, gender identity, religion, age, education level, socioeconomic status, marital status, parental status, physical ability, neurological differences, political affiliation and/or sexual orientation. To strengthen the field of mycology and support all mycologists, MSA strives to break down barriers to participation and recognize the value of a variety of opinions, backgrounds and experiences to the broader mycological community. We are more similar than we are different, and MSA members respect all people without precondition.