Membership Definitions

Active membership shall be maintained through the payment of dues to the MSA. The membership and publication year of the MSA runs concurrently with the calendar year. Members who renew on or before December 31 for the next calendar year receive a $10 discount on their membership dues. 

For assistance with any membership related matters, contact Cori, Membership Coordinator at, or +1 (608) 441-1060 ext. 162.

For pricing information on different membership types go to the Membership Information page

  • Individual Member: Any person interested in the study of fungi. Privileges of individual membership include the right to vote on Society business, to hold office, to attend meetings of the Society, to appear on the program of such meetings, and to receive online access to each of the following: the official journal of the Society, the official newsletter of the Society, the membership directory, and other occasional publications. 

  • Post-doctoral Member: A full-time post-doctoral associate endorsed by his or her project investigator. Post-doctoral associates qualify for individual membership with all privileges at a reduced rate for a maximum period of five years. 

  • Student Member: A full-time student in good standing endorsed by his or her major professor or department chair. Students qualify for individual membership with all privileges at a reduced rate for a maximum period of seven years.

  • Emeritus Member: A person who has retired from active professional employment after having been an individual member of the Society for fifteen years or more. The individual must make a request to the Executive Vice President, and upon recommendation of the Council, Society members may elect such members to emeritus status. Emeritus Members shall not pay dues, but shall retain all the privileges of individual members with the exception that they will not receive the journal. An Emeritus Member may be an Emeritus Member Subscriber who elects to receive the journal at a reduced rate. 

  • Life Member: An individual member who pays a one-time life membership fee in an amount determined by the Council. A Life Member, upon election by the society, shall have all the privileges of an individual member. 

  • Family Members: Family of members qualifying for individual membership. One full membership fee and a reduced fee for each additional member entitle the family to a single journal and newsletter subscription; otherwise, each Family Member has the full privileges of an individual member. 

  • Sustaining Member: An individual or corporation recruited and recommended for sustaining membership by the Committee on Sustaining Membership. Sustaining Members must be must be approved by the Council. A Sustaining Member shall have the privileges of an individual member as well as those specified by the Committee on Sustaining Membership.

  • Associate Member: An individual who wishes to receive the newsletter of the Society and/or attend the annual meetings of the Society. Associate Members will not receive the official journal of the Society and may not vote in Society elections or hold office.

  • Affiliated Society: An organization that represents a community of interest in some aspect of mycology. Approval by Council required. Each affiliated organization shall pay annual dues as an individual member. It will receive one subscription to each publication of the Society, and it shall be entitled to one vote in the business of the Society through its president or other officially designated representative. Members of affiliated organizations shall be eligible to attend all meetings of the Society, but shall not be eligible to hold office in the Society or to vote on the business of the Society unless qualified under some other category of Society Membership.