North American Mycology Goes to War: World War II

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North American Mycology Goes to War: World War II

As some of you know already, I have been interested in this subject for some time. Envisioned are two major stories: mycologists (or future mycologists) who served in the armed forces somewhere in the world; and the many programs on the home front supporting the war effort.

In the first category, I know of some ten US/Canadian mycologists (or future mycologists) who were on or near the front lines in the eastern and western fronts. This must be a very small fraction of the mycological community of those times. Additions would be welcome.

In category two, several research projects were large and important: penicillin, rubber crisis, phytopathology, both defensive and offensive, materiel and fabric deterioration and others both known and not yet contemplated.

Conversations with major professors and other elderly mycologists are precious and should be archived. Any and all clues would be appreciated, whether factual or anecdotal, with acknowledgement assured.

Ron Petersen, Emeritus
University of Tennessee

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