Postdoc in Systematic Biology: Mycology -Upsala University´┐╝

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Postdoc in Systematic Biology: Mycology -Upsala University

We offer a 2-year postdoc position within a project financed by the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative.

The project aim to improve the knowledge about the species diversity in the order Atheliales and to sort the species into a taxonomic system based on evolutionary relations. A special focus will be given to the genus Athelia for which previous studies have identified difficulties to delimit species based on morphology. The position includes evaluating species boundaries using molecular methods and to evaluate any morphological differences based on those analyses. It will therefore include field work to collect material, and to search for new species within the order, and contact with herbaria for loans of materials. It includes lab work for extraction and amplification of DNA and also morphological studies including microscopy, and depiction of morphological characteristics. Since the present classification into genera often do not represent evolutionary relations, the classification will be revised which will require phylogenetic analyses.

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