Postdoc Position: Evolution of Fungal Genomes – University of Michigan

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Postdoc Position: Evolution of Fungal Genomes - University of Michigan

Applications are currently being solicited for a talented and motivated post-doctoral research associate to work with the James Mycology Lab ( in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan.

The candidate will be expected to work on one of several ongoing projects related to fungal evolutionary genetics, however, the specific scientific focus can be tailored to the applicant’s skill set and developmental goals. Our lab pursues biodiversity discovery and phylogeny using modern genetic approaches. We also explore the adaptive significance of unusual mating systems and recombination mechanisms in fungi. Specific biological systems include aquatic fungal parasites, viruses of fungi, and pathogenic yeasts. We have developed methods for single cell genome sequencing in fungi in collaboration with the Joint Genome Institute, and there are large data sets being generated that can be used to address fungal phylogeny and genome evolution using these data.

This is a perfect position for someone wanting to gain greater breadth in application areas of bioinformatics and wanting to explore the fascinating biological systems in fungi.

The ideal candidate will have skills in one or more of the following areas: bioinformatics using second or third generation sequencing data, comparative genomics, advanced fluorescence and electron microscopy, molecular biology such as cloning, and working with living cultures. Experience and knowledge in fungal or microbial systems is desired. Opportunities for mentoring undergraduates or research assistants will be provided. The ideal start date is summer of 2022 and review of applications will begin on February 7. The appointment is for up to two years pending performance review. Salary range is $50-$60,000 USD per year depending on experience.

Application review will begin February 7, 2022. 

University of Michigan Mycology

Our lab pursues diverse projects in fungal biology and embraces diverse perspectives and backgrounds in STEM. The lab is in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (, an intellectually stimulating environment in a vibrant college town (Ann Arbor, MI). The lab is also part of the University Fungarium which has a historical collection of over 280K preserved fungi and a large collection of cryopreserved zoosporic fungi (

To Apply

Interested applicants should email Tim James ( with a CV, cover letter, and the names and contact information of three references.

Representative publications:

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