Postdoctoral Researcher in Geomicrobiology/Molecular Biology: University of Minnesota

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Postdoctoral Researcher in Geomicrobiology/Molecular Biology: University of Minnesota

The Santelli Geomicrobiology and Bioremediation Lab in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences  and the Biotechnology Institute at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities is hiring a postdoctoral researcher in geomicrobiology/molecular biology. This researcher will work on an NSF-funded CAREER grant to determine the pathways and mechanisms by which fungi interact with selenium, an essential toxin, in the environment. Specifically, this research examines the reductive transformation of soluble, toxic Se oxyanions (selenate and selenite) to insoluble Se(0) nanoparticles and volatile, organoselenium compounds by a diverse suite of environmentally-relevant Ascomycete fungi. Aided by whole genome sequences, the researcher will integrate -omics approaches and geochemical assays to shed light on fungal-selenium interactions. This work has direct application to contaminant bioremediation as well as understanding the fate and distribution of contaminants in the environment.

The researcher will be directly supervised by PI Cara Santelli, who has a diverse lab that is committed to inclusivity and creating a sense of belonging in the group, in academia, and in our community.  PI Santelli supports researchers interested in careers within and outside of academia.


  • Help design and conduct laboratory experiments with filamentous fungi to determine mechanisms and pathways of selenium detoxification and biomineralization
  • Conduct studies to examine gene expression and/or quantitative global protein expression of fungi in response to selenium exposure
  • Work with bioinformaticians to analyze fungal transcriptomics and proteomics data
  • Communicate results through peer-reviewed journals and presentations at conferences
  • Contribute to general lab activities, including mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students and science outreach
  • Opportunities for occasional guest lectures in courses are available


  • PhD in molecular biology, microbiology, mycology, biogeochemistry, or equivalent
  • Microbial genomics, transcriptomics, or proteomics expertise
  • Some bioinformatics experience for gene expression and protein identification
  • Experience with ion chromatography or other analytical techniques preferred, but not required
  • Experience with microbial culturing valued, but not required
  • Outstanding communication skills and demonstrated expertise with writing and publishing in international peer-reviewed journals

To apply:
1) visit

2) click on the tab in the center of the page that corresponds to their situation/status

3) Search Job ID 346950

4) click the “apply” button. You will be given the opportunity to complete an online application for the position and you must attach the following:   

  1. A Cover letter or email describing your expertise and interest relevant to the specific project
  2. A full CV or resume
  3. Names and contact information of 2-3 potential recommenders

Due:  Position will be posted until filled
Start Date:  Flexible, but ideally before September, 2022