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Volunteer Opportunity: Farmer to Farmer Period Support Mushroom Spawn Laboratory Development

Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA) is a program that connects farmers, food processors, and related agribusinesses in other countries with US volunteers for technical assistance projects. While they typically work with the basics of horticultural and livestock production, they also support more sophisticated projects in topics of food safety, agro-processing, and beyond. More information can be found on the program website. Different organizations operate in different countries; see more information about CNFA here.

CNFA is currently offering an opportunity in Malawi. There, a family-owned mushroom operation is seeking assistance in setting up a spawn laboratory for button and oyster mushrooms to increase production. CNFA is seeking an expert in such topics that would be open to volunteering a few hours per week over 3-6 weeks to provide guidance to our partner.

A firm timeline has not been finalized, but the assignment would likely start sometime in March or April depending on the host and volunteer’s availability. A scope of the project can be found here. To be clear, volunteers are unpaid. However, once it is feasible for international travel to resume safely, there may be an opportunity for the volunteer to travel to Malawi for a follow-up assignment. In that case, the organization would cover all associated costs, such as travel, insurance, lodging, etc.