2020 Logo Design

Call for MSA 2020 Logo Designs!

The Mycological Society of America is now accepting submissions for a logo design for the Annual Meeting at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, July 20-24, 2020. We invite all submissions, especially those representing the upcoming Meeting’s theme, “Mycology in the Swamp,” and tropical themes. The chosen logo will be used to print meeting t-shirts, bags, as well meeting programs and other promotional materials.
Please submit your logo design by November 27, 2019.
Please see the full submission guidelines below. 

Logo design general guidelines:

  • Past designs have varied and included both fungi and mycologists.
  • The logo should include the date, name of the city, and “Mycological Society of America”.
  • Ideally, some portion of the logo could have the city or region combined with the mycological theme, “Mycology in the Swamp”.
  • Designs should be simple with a limited color palette (ie, three colors). More colors can be considered, but it affects the cost of the t-shirt prints.
Ideally we would like to see logo designs submitted with the following suggested technical specifications:
  • 300 dpi/ppi
  • “Removable” background
  • Logo must not be submitted in a .png or .pdf format (or if submitted as a .pdf, the 300 dpi must refer to the logo alone, not the dpi of the .pdf as a whole)
  • Avoid lines narrower than 1.0pt
  • Text must be readable at 1″x1″
  • Overall concept should consider “scalability”–can the logo be reduced smaller and can it be scaled to large poster-size prints.
If your logo is chosen:
  • A graphic designer from The Rees Group Inc. will translate the winning design into a form that can be printed and scaled up or down.
  • If modified, the design will go back to the original designer for approval or for further modifications.