MSA Awards Committees

Submissions of applications and nominations for all MSA Awards are to be made by following the detailed instructions provided via the links for each award on the main MSA Award Chart page. 

To contact any of the below listed Chairs or members, please log into your MSA membership and access the MSA Officers and Roster webpage.

MSA Awards Committee Members for 2023-2024
MSA Awards Coordinator: Allison Walker (2021-2024)
Treasurer: Heather Hallen-Adams

Mycological Society Distinctions Committee
Awards administered: Distinguished Mycologist Award, Alexopoulos Prize, Weston Award for Excellence in Teaching, The Gordon and Tina Wasson Award
Chair: Tim James

  • Greg Bonito
  • Sara Branco
  • Marin Brewer
  • Matt Smith
  • Lászlo Nagy
  • Lori Carris

Mycological Society Honorary Awards Committee
Awards Administered: MSA Fellows, Honorary MSA members
Chair: Anne Pringle

  • Sharon Cantrell
  • A. Elizabeth Arnold
  • Rytas Vilgalys

Mycological Society Student Awards Committee
Awards Administered: MSA Graduate Fellowship, NAMA Memorial Fellowship, Backus Award, Undergraduate Research Award, Best Oral and Poster Presentations by Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Chair: Astrid Ferrer

  • Suzanne Joneson
  • Donald M Walker
  • Conrad Schoch
  • Brandon Hassett

Mycological Society Mentor Travel Awards Committee
Awards Administered: Mentor Student Travel Awards
Chair: Ryoko Oono

  • Louis (Jamie) Lamit
  • Chris Cornelison
  • Jessie Uehling
  • Jane Stewart

Mycological Society Research Awards Committee
Awards Administered: Martin-Baker Research Award, Clark T. Rogerson Student Research Award, Forest Fungal Ecology & Forest Fungal Ecology Postdoctoral Research Awards, Alexander H. and Helen V. Smith Research Award, John W. Rippon Research Award, Salomon Bartnicki-Garcia Research Award, Emory Simmons Research Award, Translational Mycology & Translational Mycology Postdoctoral Research Awards, Robert W. Lichtwardt Student Research Award
Chair: Jose Vargas-Muniz

  • László Nagy
  • Thomas Jenkinson
  • Amy Honan
  • Jason Stajich
  • Camille Truong

Mycological Society International Travel Awards
Awards Administered: International Travel Awards
Chair: Gábor Kovács

  • Maria Alice Neves
  • Terry Torres-Cruz, Student Rep
  • Maria P. Martin-Esteban, ex officio, Past Chair