Announcing Eagle Hill Mycology and Lichenology/Fungal Symbionts Seminars in 2019

Seminars are located on the coast of eastern Maine, just east of Acadia National Park

May 26 – June 1

Old-growth Forest Lichens and Allied Fungi, with a Focus on Calicioids

Steven Selva and Troy McMullin

June 16 – 22

Independent Study: Topics in Fungal Biology

Donald Pfister

July 28 – August 3

Mushroom Identification for New Mycophiles: Foraging for Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

Greg Marley and Michaeline Mulvey

August 11 – 17

Crustose Lichens, Accessory Fungi, and Symbiotic Transitions

Toby Spribille

August 18 – 24

Mushroom Microscopy: An Exploration of the Intricate Microscopic World of Mushrooms

David Porter and Michaeline Mulvey

September 27 – 29

Fall Maine Mushrooms

David Porter and Michaeline Mulvey