Julieta Alvarez-Manjarrez

Julieta is Professor in the Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She obtained her BS in Biology from the Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico. Then she received a Master’s degree and PhD in evolution and ecology, respectively, at the Instituto de Biología UNAM. Afterwards, she did two postdocs at Instituto de Geología, UNAM and Biology Department, Stanford University. Her studies are based in tropical ecosystems with main interests in rhizospheric interactions, such as ectomycorrhizal and pathogens. In her current position, she is focused on studying the taxonomy and ecology of Thelephoraceae, an ectomycorrhizal clade. MSA gave her the Meredith Blackwell Award and a Student Travel Award. She has served as the treasurer of the Mycology Society of Mexico. She has been a member of MSA since 2018.