MSA Sustaining Members

MSA Sustaining Members

MSA is extremely grateful for the continuing support of its Sustaining Members. Please patronize them and – whenever possible – let their representatives know of your appreciation. 

  • If you represent one of the sustaining members and would like a change or addition to your listing here, please contact the MSA Webmaster, Todd Osmundson
  • If you’re not a sustaining member, but would like to be one, please contact the MSA’s sustaining membership committee chair, D. Jean Lodge

Current Sustaining MSA Members

Fungi Perfecti
Attn: Paul Stamets
PO Box 7634, Olympia, WA, 98507

Mycotaxon, Ltd.
Attn: Richard P. Korf
PO Box 264, Ithaca, NY, 14851-0264
(607) 273-0508

Triarch, Inc.
Attn: P.L. Conant – President
PO Box 98, Ripon, WI, 54971

Sylvan, Inc.
Attn: Mark Wach
Research Dept Library, 198 Nolte Drive Kittanning, PA, 16201

Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
Attn: Rita Kuznia
Dept Head, Plant Pathology
317 330th St, Stanton, MN, 55018-4308
(507) 663-7631

Genecor Internation, Inc.
Attn: Michael Ward
925 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA, 94304

Novozymes, Inc.
Attn: Wendy Yoder
1445 Drew Ave Davis, CA, 95618
(530) 757-8110

BCN Research Laboratories, Inc.
Attn: Emilia Rico
2491 Stock Creek Blvd Rockford, TN, 37853

MSA members are encouraged to inform the sustaining membership committee (D. Jean Lodge, Chair) of firms or foundations that might be approached about Sustaining Membership in the MSA. Sustaining Members have all the rights and privileges of individual members in the MSA and are listed as Sustaining Members in all issues of “Mycologia” and “Inoculum“, as well as on this web page.