Newly Published or Upcoming Books – October 2021 Inoculum

Submitted by: Amy Rossman

Below find several newly published or soon to be published books available from Koeltz

Bessette, Alan E., Dianna Smith and Arlene R. Bessette 2021. Polypores and Similar Fungi of Eastern and Central North America. (Corrie Herring Hooks Endowment Series). 4 b/w figs. 309 col. photos. 2 col. maps. 448 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. Price: $101.30.

Boddy, Lynne 2021. Fungi and Trees. Their Complex Relationships. ca 900 col. figs. 306 p. Paper bd. Price: $127.50.

Calledda, Frederico, Emanuele Campo, Marco Floriani and Ricardo Mazza 2021. Guida Introductiva al Genero Cortinarius in Europa. illus. (col.). 296 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.- In Italian, with Latin nomenclature. Price: $60.00.

Chen, Hui 2021. Macrofungi from Guangxi, China (Zhongguó guangxi dàxíng zhenjùn). 447 p. 4to. Hardcover. – Chinese, with Latin nomenclature. Price: $227.50.

Franchi, Paolo and Mauro Marchetti 2021. Funghi Clavarioidi in Italia. 2 volumes. illus. (col.). ca. 1200 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. In Italian, with English keys translated by Edmondo Grilli. Price: 211.30.

Larsson, Karl – Henrik and Leif Ryvarden 2021. Corticioid fungi of Europe. Volume 1: Acanthobasidium-Gyrodontium. Synopsis Fungorum, 43. illus. (col.). 266 p. Hardcover. Price: $87.50.

Rojas, Carlos and Steven L. Stephenson 2021. Myxomycetes. Biology, Systematics, Biogeographyand Ecology. 2nd rev. ed. Illustrated (mostly col.) 566 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. Price: $172.50.

Wei, Jiangchun 2020 The Enumeration of Lichenized Fungi in China. 606 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. In English, with Latin nomenclature. Price; $197.50.

The above books are available from:

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