Call for Poster Submissions

MSA is now accepting poster submissions for our 2020 Annual Meeting, “Mycology from the Cloud”.  Members must first submit an abstract for our virtual poster session. You can upload your abstract immediately and your poster later, if you wish, but both abstract and poster must be uploaded by July 10, 2020

Posters can be submitted through our on-line submission portal.

Members are encouraged to submit a graphical abstract rather than a traditional poster.

A graphical abstract provides readers with a short, clear summary of your work using graphics rather than text to tell a story.

Examples or ideas: See the Elsevier Graphical Abstracts Page, or look for the Cell Press GA_guide.

Science is hard; effective communication is important. Increasing numbers of journals require a graphical abstract with manuscript submission. Much shorter and simpler than a traditional poster, a graphical abstract can effectively showcase your work on a webpage, as a figure in a thesis or a paper.

Graphical Abstract Guidelines:

Include your name, coauthor names, department, university, title

Provide biological context. Show the organism if appropriate.

Show question or predictions

Show approach

Main result or conclusion

Style for Graphical Abstracts:

Keep it simple.

All elements must be legible on a computer screen.

Formats: for MSA 2020, PDF

Font: Arial or Helvetica, 12-16 points

Use labels only when necessary.

Keep text to a minimum. Use images rather than text to tell the story.

Arrange story from left to right or top to bottom.

Members who wish to submit a poster for the virtual session are strongly encouraged to submit your abstract.  You can upload your poster any time up to July 10, 2020.

For assistance with submitting an abstract and poster, please refer to our Poster Submission Guide.

For questions or concerns regarding the registration process or about your MSA membership, please contact the MSA Membership Coordinator, Cori VanGalder