September, 2018 Inoculum

Hope Miller Memorial
MSA Awards 2018
On September 26, 2018, Hope (Hartigan) Miller passed away peacefully with family at her side in Missoula Montana at the age of 85.
Each year MSA gives out a large number of awards to members for scholarly achievement and service.
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Ascomycetes Workshop at IMC11
Dr. Tim Baroni, a professor of mycology at SUNY Cortland, received an email request to identify a possible poisonous mushroom from the Upstate New York Poison Center in Syracuse, New York concerning a Rome, New York patient who had recently consumed mushrooms from his lawn and was seriously ill in the autumn of 2017.
A two-day, bi-lingual workshop was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico during the 11th International Mycological Congress on the systematics and taxonomy of the smaller, and often overlooked, wood-inhabiting ascomycetes.


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