Temporary Research Assistant, NC State University

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Temporary Research Assistant, NC State University

NC State University is looking for a temporary research assistant. The research assistant will be engaged in diverse activities such as wet lab tasks, cultivation of challenging-to-culture fungi, and the continuous upkeep of various fungal cultures. The incumbent will play a pivotal role in planting and inoculating, and tending to plants within both greenhouse and laboratory settings. Proficiency in aseptic techniques is essential, as the new hire will be responsible for maintaining mycological cultures with precision. This involves tasks such as isolating RNA/DNA from mycological tissues, performing techniques like PCR and quantitative PCR, executing agarose gel electrophoresis, and conducting plant pathological assessments.

The research assistant’s responsibilities will include data collection, data analysis, composing scientific publications, contributing to the design of the laboratory’s webpage, and confidently delivering both oral and poster presentations to share findings. The research assistant will also train and overseeing student workers, ensure proper lab safety protocols are met and undergo inspections, managing procurement, stocking, and the maintenance of laboratory equipment. A substantial portion of the upcoming work will revolve around advancing a collection-based research program. This will involve the meticulous study of historical mycological herbarium specimens, aimed at gaining insights into the historical distribution of plant pathological samples across different geographical locations and time periods. Additionally, a significant focus will be placed on delving into the phylogenetic relationships and taxonomy of understudied fungal organisms, shedding light on their evolutionary relationships and classification. The incumbent will conduct phylogenetic and DNA analysis using multiple computer programs including Mr. Beast, and Geneious.

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For any questions about the open position contact Dr. Michael Bradshaw (mbradshaw@ncsu.edu)

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