Website and Useful Resources

Website and Useful Resources - Online Teaching Resources

Digital Documents for Learning and Teaching MycologyVarious videos, recorded lectures, and activities on the topic of Mycology. Most are in Spanish, German, and some are password protected. 

Protocol Section of the NAMP WebsiteDownload documents with videos to help students on how to collect samples, prep samples, take tissue for processing, etc.  

How Mushrooms Changed the World – A Research Presentation for a General Audience

Microbial Life Educational Resources – Bioinformatics in the ClassroomOne website with many links to resources to educate students on the purpose and use of bioinformatics (general, not Mycology specific). Many links include examples of exercises one could adapt to a Mycology lecture or lab. Some learning modules are also available.  

Fungal Diseases, Ascomycota, APS Education: All provide good information for teaching lectures and labs. Though no online-specific labs are mentioned, some may be adapted to online learning. 

Fungal Diseases, Basidiomycota, APS Education

Oomycetes, APS Education

Fungal-like Organisms, APS Education

Oral History for Mycology Project: Background and links to interviews with prominent Mycologists.

Intro to Fungi, Part 1, 2, and 3

NCSU Plant Pathology YouTube Channel: Numerous time lapse videos of fungal growth, fungal inhibition, fungal plant diseases, and more. Very useful for an online Mycology course. 

American Phytopathological Society: Teaching resources contain many fungal topics and resources.

Open Resources to Teach Mycology