2020 Program Highlights

Program Highlights

  • Gregory Jedd (National University of Singapore) will present the Karling Lecture.
  • Seven diverse and exciting symposia will be presented. 
  • The MSA Foray will be sure to please. Bring your sun hats and mosquito repellent and be ready to re-collect the fungi of W. A. Murrill, who described more than 700 species from the environments we will be visiting just outside of Gainesville, Florida.
  • Two workshops will be available (click here for a full pdf description, subject to change)–one on the taxonomy and systematics of Fusarium (coordinator is David Geiser) and the other on the Russula species from “the swamp”, which will cover the taxonomy of florida Russula (coordinators are Brian Looney and Slavomir Adamcik).
  • A workshop hosted by the MSA Student Section, entitled “How to get that job you want–applying for the position,” will include insights on job applications and interviews from postdocs, faculty, and employees at government institutions.